Creative Space in Los Angeles

Studio 2209 is an unique architectural masterpiece and creative space located just north of downtown Los Angeles. Big open white floors and walls combed with clean modern lines gives unique creative opportunities and easy lighting set-ups.

If dramatic architecture isn’t on you mind, then maybe the 48ft of continuous white floor and blank walls can suit your needs. Brick walls are an alternate texture, yes they are white.

The studio is a working space that shoots great but is still rough and adaptable enough to not require a white glove treatment. We also encourage and accommodate custom build-outs.

Usage varies from commercials, music videos, lookbooks, editorial photography, interviews, model castings, reality TV shows, and any other film or photography needs.

2500 sq.ft.
15 ft Ceilings
Conveniently Located Near Downtown LA
Full Kitchen
Easy Parking
AC with Central Heating
High Speed Wi-Fi

Click here for a Google Map:  2209 N Broadway, Los Angeles, CA 90031